Hurricane Harvey Relief

I’m headed down to Rockport, TX on Saturday with a close friend, Halen King, who grew up there. As you probably know, Rockport was hit directly by Hurricane Harvey. We’ll be going down to help clean up debris from yards of some elderly folks so they can get access to their homes.

Halen and his wife Clare, have already secured a truckload of supplies that we will donate to places in need at the direction of the former local fire chief, Danny Cox, who now works for the Dept. of Transportation in Rockport. He and his wife, Mandy, are very active with first responders in the community. They are providing us with updated list of items needed in local shelters over the coming weeks. If you feel moved and want to contribute funds, I will purchase supplies for Saturday and the coming weeks, Please send me a direct message or click on the PayPal button below. We have a large trailer in tow, so plenty of space. All proceeds go to purchasing supplies.

I’ll post pictures and blog about where we donate and the situation in Rockport and the surrounding areas, so stay tuned…